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Q. Why to submit to IJSCI ?

IJSCI is an international peer reviewed, open access, publishes as online and print version both.

Q.When should we submit our papers?

Authors can submit the manuscripts at anytime by submission.It will be published in coming issue, if accepted.

Q.What are all the type of manuscripts can we submit in IJSCI?

Research Paper, Survey / Review Paper, Tutorial Paper, Extended version of conference or journal paper. If the manuscript is an extended version of a conference or journal paper, footer needs to be added to the manuscript with the conference title or journal paper link.

Q.How often is the journal published?

All the journals under IJSCI published on quarterly basis, a total of 4 issues per year.

Q.Can IJSCI support national conferences, workshops and seminars?

Yes, IJSCI supports the national / international conferences, workshops and seminars relevant to engineering, science and technology.IJSCI will encourage the organizers by providing co-sponsorship and promoting the conference programs through our website.

Q.Does IJSCI require copyright transfer?

Yes, the authors retain copyright of their work but must grant an exclusive publication license to IJSCI. The copyright transfer covers the complete right to reproduce and distribute the article, including reprints, translations, electronic form (offline, online) or any other reproductions of similar nature.